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One of the main components of the Oasis House is its employment program. We partner with local employers such as Re-Source York, BrewVino, Wolfgang Confectioners, Apple Car Wash, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), and Community Services Group (CSG).

Brewvino 2021 Employer Testimonial

The Clubhouse’s employment program is comprised of 3 components:



This program supports members in their desire to return to work and is supported by the Clubhouse through resume writing, interview preparation, and on-site job training and support. These positions are negotiated with employers in the community who desire to support individuals returning to work or embarking on employment for the first time. The Clubhouse chooses members to fill the position based mainly on that individual’s desire to work. Clubhouse staff learn the requirements of the position first so that they are able to train the member, thus minimizing the employers time spent on this task. Additionally, the Clubhouse staff who serve as Placement Managers at the site provide support at all stages of employment including pre-hire, orientation, training, performance evaluation, ongoing on-site check ins, and as the position concludes. These positions are part-time and are designed to last for up to 9 months. The Clubhouse also offers absence coverage at no cost to the employer in the case that the member in the position is unable to make it to their shift. Clubhouse staff are covered under the auspice agency’s liability insurance. This type of employment provides a high level of support and helps the member transition into a more permanent position.


Supported Employment is designed to be more permanent and would not typically include on-site check-ins or absence coverage. However, the member is still chosen by the Clubhouse and receives support in all stages of the job.



This type is when a member has received some support from the Clubhouse to obtain employment, usually within the structure of the Clubhouse, however they generally will maintain the position independent of direct Clubhouse assistance. The member may have attended Oasis House's Job Club, received assistance with resume and/or cover letter development, practiced interviewing skills, and/or received assistance with completing the job application.

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