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Oasis House members are individuals who are working within the Clubhouse to guide their recovery from the serious mental illnesses they live with everyday. The Clubhouse offers a support network and resources for members to thrive. A key component of Oasis House is the member/staff partnership. Members and staff work side by side in all aspects of the Clubhouse. When walking into a Clubhouse, one should not be able to distinguish staff from members.



Oasis House is an Accredited member of the global mental health organization, Clubhouse International. We are also a member of the Pennsylvania Clubhouse Coalition. Clubhouse International coordinates and connects a global network of Clubhouses that are based on the Clubhouse Model of psycho-social rehabilitation which is recognized by the World Health Organization as an example of a rights-based approach to recovery. Today, there are over 330 Clubhouses operating on all six continents.

In the October 2018 report of the Lancet Commission on Global Mental Health and Sustainable Development, the Clubhouse Model is acknowledged as one of the “essential components of a comprehensive response to the goal to achieve inclusion for people with serious mental disorders”.

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Clubhouse Philosophy


As a member of Clubhouse International, Oasis House follows 37 Standards set forth by Clubhouse International, which focus on participating in meaningful work, pursuing education and employment, and having a safe place to develop relationships.

All decisions regarding the policies and procedures of the Clubhouse are made jointly between members and staff. In addition, members have the ability to choose what opportunities they will participate in within the Clubhouse.

Oasis House operates under what is called a “Work-Ordered Day.” This approach engages members and staff in running the Clubhouse together. The Work-Ordered Day parallels a typical work day during which the business of the Clubhouse is done, including planning and preparing daily meals, staffing the reception area, running the snack bar, calculating billing, publishing a newsletter, keeping up with the grounds and maintenance of the building, and orienting new members.

Oasis House also offers a specially designed Transitional Employment Program. Transitional Employment gives members opportunities to strengthen their skills and confidence to prepare them for entry or re-entry into competitive employment.

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